National Humiliation Day 2018

It’s almost time to celebrate the 3rd annual National Erotic Humiliation Day, and I hope you’ll join me in all the kinky fun!

It’s time to get ready to celebrate your favorite pervy holiday of the year, a time when we can let all of the deliciously dirty desires out in full form, and share them with the world to honor a deeply mis-understood fetish, for psychological torment and teasing.

The term “erotic humiliation” covers a really broad spectrum of interests of levels of play (you can learn more about it in my book, Enough to Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation) and even in the kinky world, people often mistake it for “being mean” which isn’t the case at all. Consensual humiliation play can take many forms and doesn’t always have to be of the hardcore degradation variety (though that’s fun for those who enjoy it!) and this holiday is meant to inspire and connect those who want to explore this type of kink adventure.

Make sure you use the hashtag #HumiliationDay on Twitter & Instagram – where I’ll be sharing tips & photos all day plus signal boosting your posts – follow me @ThePrincessKali (on twitter) and @ThePrincessKali (on instagram) to see all the kinky, humiliating goodness! If you post on Fetlife, friend me here and send me a link (or post it in the comment section below!)

Ways YOU can celebrate:

  • Post your own photos on twitter, instagram, Fetlife and tumbler (see below for suggestions)
  • Confess your humiliation themed fantasies & share your experiences – dominants AND submissives, I’m looking at you!
  • Host a humiliation themed play party! Do you have a local dungeon or group of kinky friends from your favorite munch? Invite them over to play Humiliation Truth or Dare (or the recently released Sissy Edition Truth or Dare) and enjoy some mutual exhibitionism & voyeurism as you watch each others scenes.
  • Do you have a blog? Write a post about a humiliation themed topic (see below for suggestions!) and let me know so I can share in a blog round-up post here on my site (post in the comments too).
  • Buy my book ‘Enough To Make You Blush’ this week to read & get ideas (yes, this is a shameless plug!) You can get it on Kindle for immediate download, or order it from me for an autographed copy. The book also makes a great gift!

Humiliation Themes for photos, confessions and blog posts:

  •      Verbal Humiliation and Degradation
  •      Foot Fetish
  •      Objectification
  •      Being Turned into Furniture
  •      Dehumanization
  •      Sex & Masturbation
  •      Chastity & Orgasm Control
  •      Messy Food Play
  •      Sissification
  •      Nudity
  •      Bodily Functions
  •      Domestic Service & Cleaning
  •      Punishment & Protocol
  •      Playing in Public
  •      Financial Domination

Interested in humiliation play? Check out the Enough To Make You Blush store where you’ll find the items mentioned above & other kinky goodies too!