A Unique Exploration of Erotic Humiliation

Discover the versatility and fun of consensual psychological torment play.


About Princess Kali


One of the kink community’s premier speakers and entrepreneurs, Princess Kali is the founder of KinkAcademy.com, a revolutionary online sex and kink education resource for erotic adventurers, and of the Red Key Club, a business and marketing school for sex workers. For twenty years, Kali has been deeply engaged in exploring the whys and hows of erotic humiliation and other misunderstood forms of kink play.

Kali is a member of the CARAS Research Advisory Committee and in 2022 was inducted into the Dominatrix Hall of Fame. With an international reputation among lifestyle and professional kinksters, she has dedicated her life to creating unique educational tools, workshops, and retreats to help consenting and creative adults explore sexual expression safely.

As the founder of Erotication.com she is a pioneer of the “kinktrepreneur” business model, creating sites such as Kink Academy, Passionate U, and Fearless Press for easy access to adult sex and BDSM education. Her work continues to inspire and support many other kink educators, writers, and enthusiasts. She’s also the author of 10 books; Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation and companion workbook, Authentic Kink, 365 Days of Kink Journal, and The Yes, No, Maybe Workbook.

Princess Kali is currently focusing on personal coaching and group workshops to help people safely discover their own style of kink with the benefit of her experience and guidance.

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Kali offers insightful solo and couples coaching sessions for lifestyle and professional kinksters. Get personalized, action-oriented advice to help you build the kinky life of your dreams.

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Kali is an entertaining, informative, powerhouse speaker who instigates unexpected ah-ha moments for her audiences. She uses storytelling and humor to keep listeners engaged while giving them concrete and actionable advice.

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A Deeper Shade of Red: Weekend Intensive

Spend three days in a fully immersive educational environment to discover an in-depth understanding of your most complex desires.

Identify your interests and limits.

Expand your psychological skill set.

Transform your erotic experiences.


Singles, Couples & Triads welcome.

Submissives, Dominants & Switches welcome - all-genders & levels of experience.

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