Enough to Make You Blush: Expanded Edition Coming Soon!

banner displaying enough to make you blush expanded coming soon

Since I published the first edition of Enough to Make You Blush in 2015, I have been incredibly honored by the response over the years. This book has transformed my passion into a driving purpose and, more importantly, helped countless readers feel seen and understood — often for the very first time.   That’s why I’m…

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Twitter Reviews for Enough to Make You Blush

I love twitter and I super love seeing the photos & recommendation readers have been sharing! If you have a photo with your copy of Enough To Make You Blush, please make sure I see it by including the hastag #EnoughToMakeYouBlush and my current handle – @ThePrincessKali I’ve also started an instagram page, so come…

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It’s almost ready!

Update: Oh, the joys of self publishing! After a few more bumps and delays we’re back on track for a November release. I really appreciate your patience, I want this book to be the best it can be! Writing a book is a really involved project. The seedling of an idea gets planted and then…

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