It’s almost ready!

Update: Oh, the joys of self publishing! After a few more bumps and delays we’re back on track for a November release. I really appreciate your patience, I want this book to be the best it can be!

Writing a book is a really involved project. The seedling of an idea gets planted and then years may go by as you think, collect notes and brainstorm ideas to share. In my case, nearly 10 years have gone by as I’ve presented this topic dozens of times at different kink events across the country. Then, after letting the thoughts percolate and bubble for so long, a rush of work is done to get it finished.  I’m finally ready to announce…

My first book “Enough To Make You Blush – a guide to erotic humiliation” will be released in June 2015

I’m going the self-publishing route and working with some great freelancers to get the project wrapped up and ready for production. We’re in the final phases now of editing, graphics, layout and cover design…it’s so exciting!

A sneak peek at the cover illustration

A sneak peek at the cover illustration

I’m still interested in hearing other perspectives as a general inspiration and looking for quotes to include. Humiliation is such a hugely varied kinky interest, I’d never assume to speak from every point of view. If you’re willing to share your experiences (it can be done anonymously or with the potential to be quoted, your privacy is respected) please take a few minutes to fill out my survey.

Along with “Enough To Make You Blush” I’ll be doing a 2nd run of my popular Scene Starter deck with over 200 phrases to use during erotic humiliation play.