May 142016

Earlier this year Dark Odyssey invited me to “do a humiliation game” as one of the offerings as a presenter for the weekend. Of course I said yes (not having any idea what kind of game to do!) but thanks to some brainstorming on twitter (thanks @mossyfeather!) I decided to create a humiliation themed Truth or Dare game and it ended up being an absolute blast!

My brilliant kinky friends helped me think of a stack of truths and dares (plus I combed through my book to come up with plenty of ideas!), then some refining over the last few weeks and now, here it is!

Enough To Make You Blush:

Truth or Dare

1The deck includes:

  • 20 Dominant Truths
  • 20 Dominant Dares
  • 26 Submissive Truths
  • 26 Submissive Dares
  • 1 Wordbank Card
  • 1 Instruction Card

The cards are printed on durable white card stock and the deck comes in a durable plastic box with a snap closure.


The game can be played with 2 to 40 people & can make a fun party game, or as playful inspiration for a private session.

$19.95 + shipping

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