May 142016


Enough To Make You Blush:

Truth or Dare

1The deck includes:

  • 13 Dominant Truths
  • 13 Dominant Dares
  • 13 Submissive Truths
  • 13 Submissive Dares
  • 1 Wordbank Card
  • 3 Instruction Card


The poker-deck sized cards are printed on durable white card stock.


The game can be played with 2 to 40 people & can make a fun party game, or as playful inspiration for a private session.

$19.95 + shipping

Dec 232015

Have you ever been in the middle of a scene with your partner groveling at your feet, and all you could muster is a measly… “yeah, you slut…” as your voice trailed off in uncertainty?

Or maybe you have a list of filthy favorites, embarrassing or degrading words that make your submissive shiver, but you’d like to expand your word play options.

Well here’s a snazzy option, just for you! It’s a Pocket Pervert Thesaurus!

Introducing the newly updated & redesigned “Creative Humiliation Scene Starter™ Deck”


These were available many years ago, but have been out of stock for quite awhile. In honor of the recent release of my book, I decided to update the phrases & word-banks and give the whole deck a redesign. We used a durable cardstock with a bright back ground so you can read them even in low-light dungeons and bedrooms.

There are over 200 phrases in more than 20 categories, giving you an extensive (and fun) resource to inspire your verbal humiliation play.

There are multiple ways to use the Scene Starters™ Deck:

  1. The dominant can read them out during a session, flipping through to find ones that are inspiring or particularly appropriate for the current moment.
  2. The submissive can be instructed to choose a few phrases (or whole cards) to use during the scene as a way to give the dominant insight into their mindset.
  3. The deck makes a great negotiation tool on either side to share examples or words that are desired or are on the no-go list.

Categories include: teasing, chastity, cuckolding, degradation, dehumanization, domestic, foot fetish, financial fetish, inferiority, intelligence, bodily functions, body insults, masturbation, nudity, objectification, piss play, sex, sissfication and smoke fetish.

The deck is the size of standard poker cards printed on glossy, bright white paper.

Only $19.95 (+shipping)

New Format is Back in Stock! Now Poker Size!

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