Jun 092019


To this day, financial fetish and domination is one of the most misunderstood power play experiences. Like any expression of power, it has the potential for abuse and has gotten a rather bad rap because of the exploitation possibilities.

However, using money within a healthy D/s relationship (whether lifestyle or professional) can be an exciting and edgy way to open up a whole new realm of submission and dominance. This class will give you concrete guidelines to enjoying this complex and sexy kinky activity.

This class focuses on concepts rather than specific tools because of the constantly changing landscape of platforms. It’s appropriate for dominants, submissives, and switches.

In this online class you’ll learn:

  • The psychology behind the desire for financial domination
  • Different styles and types of financial domination
  • How to adapt financial domination play to individual needs and desires
  • The difference between exploring financial domination in lifestyle and professional relationships
  • The stereotypes and myths that are commonly associated with this type of play
  • How to incorporate unrealistic fantasies (such as bankruptcy and blackmail) into ethical play
  • Specific suggestions for ways to play with financial domination

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$69 per person

Includes a 2-hour live class with Q&A, a recording, and a 22-page printable workbook


So, when’s the workshop?

Saturday, July 13th

10am to 12pm PT (1pm to 3pm ET)


Once you’ve completed your registration, here’s what will happen:

  1. You’ll receive a welcome note from Kali.
  2. On Friday, July 12th, you’ll receive the link to attend the webinar along with a PDF workbook that you can download and print out.
  3. On Saturday, July 13th, you’ll log on and get ready for some fantastic kinky learning!



Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone that wants to play with money or gifts as a consensual kink exchange. I will be sharing concepts and ideas that are applicable to lifestyle and/or professional players.

Can I attend if I am a submissive?

Absolutely. I speak primarily from my experience as a dominant, but the concepts and questions posed in this class will be helpful no matter what your kink interests are. I also include suggestions if you’re not interested in power dynamics.

Can I attend if I don’t have a partner?

Absolutely. Understanding your own needs is the best gift you can give yourself and any future play partners. You’ll be all the more prepared when someone comes into your life.

Will the webinar be recorded?

Yes, you’ll receive a link to download the class once the live class is over. This means you have access to the class forever and can watch it later even if you can’t attend live.

Will you offer this again?

It’s possible, but not likely! Sign up for my mailing list to be told when the next course happens.

Will this be in-person or online?

Completely online and accessible from anywhere in the U.S. or internationally (that has a reliable internet connection).

Where will we be meeting online for this workshop?

We’ll be using Crowdcast.com; there’s nothing to install and the webinar can be joined from your browser. All attendees will receive the webinar link ahead of time.

Can I be anonymous in this workshop?

Yes, absolutely. You get to choose what name you use when you join the webinars, and you’re not on camera at anytime. You’re welcome to simply listen to the workshop as you would at a live event, or engage in the forum with comments and questions.


Give me two hours and I’ll give you a deeper understanding of your own kinky interests.

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