Nudity & Exhibitionism

Nudity is a powerful social taboo to play with. Even in 2016, in the US we’re still afraid of nipples being exposed and  feeling scandalized when a man shows frontal nudity on Showtime.

By society’s standards, being naked in front of others makes you either a slut or a pervert or both!

(I’m in the ‘both’ category, thank you very much!)

Even for people who enjoy being naked in front of others, there are some excellent social taboos to play with. The enjoyment of being naked in front of others can have an extra emphasis of sluttiness. Or if the submissive is shy and experiences erotic shame at being exposed, then the emphasis can be on the vulnerability and the power dynamic of being denied clothing. This is also at the core of “Clothed Female Naked Male” which is segment of popular FemmeDomme pornography.

I was talking to Axe, the host of Masocast recently (for a podcast that will be posted in April), and we discussed the experience of “erotic slut-shaming”, an accurate way to describe what is probably one of the most desired versions of erotic humiliation. In my recent verbal humiliation survey, “slut” was the most lusted-after humiliating phrase with more than 75% of people indicating it’s one of their favorite phrases to use in scene, either to call their submissive or to be called by their dominant.

So turning a submissive into a “show-off slut” is likely a good low-level way to start playing with erotic embarrassment.

The classic examination session is usually a good one. Remember that we’re not doing body-shaming here (unless that’s been VERY specifically negotiated) so instead think more of sexual objectification. Command your submissive to strip down, stand with their legs spread, and put their hands on their neck in order to fully reveal their body. Maybe have a little notepad or clipboard with yellow sheet paper on it to make notes about how their “slut responses” are working.

Turning the submissive into art or furniture while naked is also an excellent way to play with exposure & sexual performance, as long as they don’t get bored. If you have a submissive as a foot stool or standing statue, you can also put nipple clamps with bells to heighten their awareness of their exhibition

Other than nipple clamps, you can also heighten their feeling of exposure by leaving a single article of clothing on them. My personal favorite is pants/panties around the ankles, which also hobbles them as I force them to walk around the play space. You can also use other items of clothing or bondage to accentuate their nudity such as special shoes, a collar or a simple bondage harness.


  1. John Louis on August 5, 2016 at 8:06 am

    OK so I had not read your blog post when I posted the following on FetLife and you might consider it a bit off the point but since you refer to society regarding “being naked in front of others [making] you either a slut or a pervert or both” and identify yourself as both “(I’m in the ‘both’ category, thank you very much!)” I would still very much like to have your comments.

    When I have been in company that is comfortable with nudity I have liked the circumstance and would have felt most uncomfortable clothed. There has been no humiliation at all and no erotic excitement either after the first keen awareness of the unfamiliarity of the situation wears off (which does not take long: we are talking minutes, not hours).

  2. John Louis on August 5, 2016 at 8:16 am

    I don’t know why the quoted text of my post to FetLife is missing from my comment as it appears on your blog but my comment makes no sense at all without it so here it is again:

    “I’m sure you have a plentiful supply of subs who enjoy being naked in front of you but I’d love to know when and where you reciprocate**? In your Kink Academy videos you yourself seem careful to be always clothed, seemingly to preserve a certain reserve, as though this were part and parcel of maintaining your “dignity” as Dominatrix or Educator [or both].
    I don’t know why the quoted text from my FetLife post is missing from my posted comment as it appears on your blog but my post makes no sense without it so here it is:

    “There is nothing in what I recall from when I met you in person on your visit to Australia two years ago to disconfirm this impression.

    So, open-endedly – comment?

    ** Yes, I realise this is not strictly reciprocation, the same people not being involved but . . . . you get the idea :-)”

    • Kali on September 6, 2016 at 12:29 pm

      Not sure what your point is John Louis, or even if you’re asking a question. It’s correct that I don’t enjoy public nudity and I don’t owe anyone access to my body in any way.

      • John Louis on September 7, 2016 at 1:56 am

        OK. My attempts to put a comment on your blog have only resulted in a shambles – twice.
        I don’t know whether it’s my computer, my internet service [which has been quite dodgy lately] or your blog facility which is at fault.

        Perhaps if and when I get back to my original comment on Fetlife that might be enlightening but I don’t access Fetlife regularly so I’ll leave the matter on the shelf for the moment lest any any further confusion develop.