Full Day Intensive

Dynamic speaker and kink educator Princess Kali offers a fun, interactive full day intensive based on her popular book “Enough To Make You Blush: Exploring Erotic Humiliation”

Humiliation is a complex and varied fetish that offers many lifestyle players lots of options for embarrassing, degrading, or humiliating play. Humiliation isn’t just about smeared mascara and groveling under boots, it’s also about exploring vulnerability, trust, control, and sacrifice through absurdity, amusement, and consensual cruelty.

We’ll spend time exploring your interests, goals, and motivations to get to the heart of the experience you are looking for before diving into the action.

Topics will include:

  • What is erotic humiliation & what are the different levels of intensity?
  • How can you tell the difference between healthy play & abuse?
  • Can an action be humiliating if someone asks for it?
  • Why a desire for humiliation play doesn’t always “make sense”
  • Stereotypes and myths that might be hindering your play
  • How to bring up your desire for erotic humiliation play
  • 10 Most Important Negotiation Questions (+ 6 humiliation questions)
  • How to create shortcuts for headspace & communication
  • The huge range of erotically humiliating activities you can choose from!

Including interests such as (but not limited to!): Dehumanization, Sissification, Nudity, Tease and Denial, Enforced Chastity, Verbal Humiliation, Financial Domination, Watersports and Toilet Play, Domestic Service, Punishment and Discipline, and Public Humiliation.

There will be discussion, some entertaining lecture, insightful worksheets, sexy demonstrations, and interactive opportunities.  Participation will be encouraged but not required.  There will be opportunities to practice what is being taught in class with your partner/s or new friends you meet at the intensive.

After attending this intensive, both light and heavy players will be equipped with exciting new ideas to use and expand upon.

This class is good for anyone, anywhere on the spectrum of experience! Do you know you’re interested but haven’t figured it out beyond that? Have you played with embarrassment or humiliation but want to improve your play?  Are you a ‘hardcore’ player ready to play deeper and/or wider?  Whether you’ve been merely intrigued at the idea of humiliation or you’ve been playing in the humiliation sandbox for decades, Princess Kali will be able to address your questions during the intensive and give you scene suggestions to try at home for happy humiliation for all.

Singles, Couples & Triads welcome
Dominants, Submissives, & Switches welcome — all-genders & orientations

See what people are saying!

You made it very comfortable for people to participate and it was a fun and entertaining 8 hours!
Terrific foundational information about how to communicate more effectively and get more enjoyment out of your scenes with your partner(s) no matter what kind of kinky play you enjoy.
Class was engaging and [helpful for] laying the foundation for great humiliation play…
Really fun experience that reveals the bigger components at play with humiliation – very revelatory!

Thank you for teaching me to humiliate someone with purpose, intention, and skill.

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