Oct 012015

I’ve been teaching live workshops since 2002, with erotic humiliation being by far my most popular class. Along with my classes, a few years ago I started offer personal coaching, both in-person and on the phone. I have found it to be a fantastic way to tackle individual obstacles.

I’m a tough-love sort of coach, I prefer to speak directly! I focus on finding concrete suggestions, ideas that you can implement in your life and relationship to encourage forward progress. I work with dominants, submissives and switches (and I can even help you figure out which you are!)

Here are five ways I can help you through personal coaching

  • Figuring out what your interests are
  • Communicating about your needs
  • Overcoming fears about engaging in humiliation play
  • Finding ways to incorporate humiliation play into daily life
  • Coming up with creative ideas that use kinks & fetishes

Or any number of other issues, obstacles, questions and topics. Check out my site Coaching By Kali for more information about booking a session. It’s easy, and thanks to phone and Skype I can help anyone, anywhere!


As a note – this is NOT an offer for an erotic session of any sort. If you write me looking for “coaching” in a way that actually sounds like you want me to talk dirty to you…tough luck. I can see you a mile away and you will simply be ignored. I no longer offer phone sessions or professional domination sessions,

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